PvP Arena 

An endless galaxy with over 500 planets
  • Participate in PvP matches via buying a ticket in the Rooms for bigger winnings
  • Participate in daily free-roll tournaments in order to earn with no risk
  • Participate in the free-to-play mode in PvE Arena to train and get daily rewards

PvP Arena

PvP Regimes available for a play

Choose a regime for a play that you’re most talented at:

  • Capturing a flag
  • Defending a base
  • Jaggernout mode
  • Racing
  • Other modes
  • The full list you will find in our whitepaper

You go for a fight with any Qubix available in your collection:

  • Craft it in the Laboratory
  • Buy it in the Marketplace
  • Win it in the Tournament
  • Rent it in the Unitbox

You choose a regime for a play that fits you most:

  • Paid with a chance to earn the max
  • Free-to-play tournament match with all the community
  • PvE mode for training

Room Builder

Create your own custom Room and earn commissions from each game played in your Room

Why to create a Room:

  • Room will earn for you commissions. The better popularity of the Room
  • Room is NFT, so you can sell it whenever you want
  • You can promote your own NFTs right at the game
  • You can brand your Room by uploading the custom graphics to the hologram screens of your Room. You can use it for collaborations with brands or to promote your own Room
  • You can create your own Room via buying an NFT of the Room Box or you can buy an existing Room from the Marketplace

Use special digital items (as hologram and projectors) to additionally monetize your Room, cooperate with brands and sell items from your NFT-collection

Room Builder

Rooms are the universal battlegrounds in the Qubix Infinity

The limited amount Room owners earns a percentage from each game played in Qubix Infinity. You can build your Room from scratch with the help of atomic elements and choose a gaming regimes available in your Room


  • Use special cosmic laboratory to create your own digital assets
  • Use crafted items to strengthen your Qubixes on the battleground, rent them and earn profit, or sell them on the marketplace
  • Each laboratory consists from modules of different rarity. Module is used for upgrades. You can make your Qubix faster, stronger, better via upgrading its items as weapons, facets and the core creating for the Qubix new special spells to use on the battleground
  • The exact mechanics of the upgraded is Staking — you have to wait while your digital asset is being upgraded by the Laboratory in the corresponding module

You can use customised NFT-modules to make a unique Laboratory with custom upgrades for different in-game digital assets


Use marketplace to get wanted assets for a better game or monetize your NFT-collection via renting or selling the items

Use internal marketplace to:

  • Buy and sell Rooms and Room Boxes
  • Buy, sell and rent powerful weapons, facets and digital cores
  • Buy modules for laboratory
  • Buy and sell tickets for plays
  • Buy skins for your characters

PvE Arena 

  • In the training PvE arena of Qubix Infinity you will be able to master your skills via free-to-play mode with real users and earn daily rewards
  • Taking possibility of gross earnings in Qubix Infinity which is strictly related to the one-to-many real-time matches, there is also risk of loosing as another token corner
  • In Qubix Infinity we strive to deliver all the possible instruments so you master your skills and increase win-rate and all the instruments to earn tickets with no risk for daily rewards


  • In Qubix Infinity you earn commissions of different native tokens of blockchains and web3-projects as well as stable coins by staking QBXC
  • When game is played in our partners Rooms in their native token, Qubix Infinity earns the commissions from each play and transfers this money to the QBXC holders
  • Each token earned in $USDT, $EXPL, $UNQ, $AFR and other tokens will be claimed by those who staked QBXC